Monday, September 13, 2010

My day

today was just an ordinary day- eli went to work 9-5 and i was with baby. but it was such a blessed day with him. more and more of his personality is coming out and i just love him so much. what did i do with my time without him? it's such a blessing to serve this baby as his momma. we got up, went for a nice long walk together, went grocery shopping, played on the floor, nursed him 4 times- all of this special bonding time. i so look forward to each day bc i discover something else about him and he discovers something new about the world around him. the last three months have flown by and he's not a little infant anymore, i think of him as a little baby now- not an infant. he's my little buddy and keeps me company. when he plays now, he likes to grab the toys hanging from above him and pull them down toward him- he's pretty strong!

i snatched a pic of him last night sleeping so silly:

here's how he used to always sleep, and still does some of the time:

I <3 him!

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  1. I love reading your posts and hearing all about your life and times with little E.. Imagine into your future, how huge your heart will have to grow to hold all that love that grows day by day for your little one.