Friday, December 3, 2010

Half way to 1 Yr- 6 months Now

My 6 month old boy
The best part of this pic is if you enlarge it, you can see drool falling off his lower lip hanging all the way to his belly button :)
Man, am I falling more in love with this kid everyday! He has so much personality already and I feel like I get to know him a little bit more each day! 
He has changed DRASTICALLY since last month! Everyday brings something new!
Even since Monday for example, he couldn't sit up unattended, he would face plant on the carpet, but today he can sit and move and doesn't need to have us 'spotting' him.
There's nothing cuter than a baby sitting and playing! He's so big already!
He luvs his cereal and eating like a big boy with a spoon in his high chair! I was starting to get worried that he would never like it but all of a sudden one day he caught on!
He loves to help 

He is soooo animated now and getting better at expressing himself to us!

We gave him his Christmas present has this thing spoiled him! It's taken him awhile to catch on to it...but he just started yesterday to bounce and jump and pick up his legs wildly :) At first when we put him in it he would fall back and his legs would come up off the ground and swing his arms for support and hardly hold himself up. This has helped with his strength and balance so much! He doesn't want to be put on the floor on his back or tummy any more batting at swinging toys like babies do...oh no...he only wants to be sitting up playing, grabbing, reaching, pulling and exploring how this and that works. He now uses both hands to hold an object and will reach out for it if you offer it to him. Everything still gets put straight in his mouth to see if its ok or not.

He still loves to go for walks and watch whats going on in the world around us
The best thing right now is nap/sleepy time. He lets us know with a little squeak when he gets tired and then will only fall asleep laying on our chest. He loves to feel Eli's beard and play with it and snuggle real close. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My 5 month old

I can't believe how fast time has been flying! Each day has been getting more and more exciting with our little one. He smiles all the time! Still no laughs tho.... He grabs and reaches out with both hands for objects. He loves to touch our faces, arms and hands and he notices details all around him.  He stares at the computer when we scroll through it and loves to look out the window at the world passing us by.

I love how he talks and coo's all the time! This age truly is so fun! Eli and I are the best people in the world to e right now and it's so fun! He eats rice cereal and really seems to enjoy sitting in his high chair, helping me put the spoon in his mouth and getting to suck on the spoon!

He has the sweetest spirit ever! I luv him so much!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My 4 month old

Its weird, from month 2-3 we saw so many from month 3-4 not too many new things have come about...he's just fine tuning all his abilities! He talks a lot more now and louder! Especially when he wants your attention. For example, when gas is moving and he's about to poopie, he's hungry or tired. He talks real loud! He is sleeping 9-12 hrs a night and eats 6oz- growing every day!! He smiles alot more now and squeals (esp when he sees me after I have been working or he's been sleeping) but still no belly laughs :(

He is so smart tho, I believe we don't give him enough credit. He is fully aware of everything going on and what he likes and doesn't like. It was probably a month ago or so and it just hit me when I came home from work that he wanted me to connect with him. I came home and didn't say hi or acknowledge him and he was staring right at me as if to say 'mom, over here! i missed you!' It was then that I realized how important it is to hug and kiss him goodbye, goodnight and hello and how much he needs that from his momma. If Eli and I seem to be intensely discussing something, like married people do sometimes, the baby will start to whine and cry in disapproval. When nursing him, if I am talking too much he will latch off and look up at me until I stop talking then go back to eating and repeat this process if I continue to talk.

He is so inquisitive and curious about stuff- and he can hardly even coordinate his hands to make them go where he wants them to go yet! sometimes, i think i forget he's a baby tho, like today with his dump truck...he was having such a great time figuring out just what to do with it. He definitely can tell cause and effect and seems to love trying to figure out how stuff works.

 He pays attention to details now- cars driving by, the ring on my hand, people talking, expressions on our face- and he responds to it. He really seems to like to go out and about and do stuff- just stay active! That's why our afternoon walks are so fun, he loves to get out, look around, feel the wind and sun. Just go on an adventure! Today for the first time he held on to both sides of the stroller while i pushed him, (i will have to get a pic) kinda like he was just going for a ride and saying, 'giddee up momma! I got lots to see today!' Can't wait until he starts moving...i will probably loose my extra 20lbs from chasing him around trying to keep up!

He loves to play with his daddy!
Also, as you can see, we have started drooling.....a lot!

His fingers must taste really good because he is always shoving them in his mouth! He would like to probably start chewing on toys but he is still figuring out how to get them up to his mouth and keep them there. But he is definitely trying and exploring with putting his tongue on stuff, again he is very similar to a puppy at this age :) I put my finger in his mouth today for only the second time....haha. Its just really weird to me. And not to mention it took me a while to get used to his big toothless, gummy smile it kinda weirded me out at first....hahahaha...don't worry i am now in love with it :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

All Smiles :)

Tonight I got a special boys came and visited me at work! The part that blessed me so much was that Eli faced the baby toward me while I worked and he smiled soooo big and didn't take his eyes off of me. When I laughed, his whole body reacted in happiness as if he wanted to laugh too but just couldn't quite figure out how to yet. I couldn't have ever imagined being able to love someone so much and be so overwhelmed with my child's adorable-ness!
Look at that smile :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Late Night

Last night was the first night we didn't get home until after 1am now that the baby is on an all night sleeping schedule. He did really good being patient with the diff surroundings while he was trying to fall asleep.

We were at a church meeting in Tulsa and sitting at a table eating with a group of people when Eli noticed the contents of E's poopy diaper running down his shirt. Needless to say my over preparedness and 50lb diaper bag came in handy :) I had extra outfits on hand and even had a spare shirt in the car for my hubby..pheww! We can laugh now about it, not so much at the time!

Here's what I woke up to next to my bed at 11am- a tired out little man:

Here's a pic from the other day after we had some play time, he had just decided he had had enough and wanted to sleep right now, amongst his dump truck and all:

Big kid tricks

So apparently E can roll over from his back to his stomach. We have never witnessed him do this yet...but we have walked in to find him on his stomach 3 times now in the morning after we put him to sleep on his back. Since the first month we have witnessed him roll from his tummy to his back (it might have been an accident bc he couldn't hold himself up) but never the other way. Can't wait to catch him in action sometime soon :)