Saturday, September 11, 2010

My 3 month old

This past month we have seen so many changes in our little one. He recognizes who Eli and I are and went through a couple weeks where he didn't like to be held by anyone else. He seems to be over that now again though, we will see for sure at church in the morning (that's always a good test).  But we definitely can calm him down quicker if he gets upset.

He started smiling and cooing, even squealing (which sounds like a squeak).  I can't wait for the day when I hear him giggle or laugh. He started drooling now so everywhere I go I like a bib on him and I need a burp rag handy just in case. I call him my lil "drool-ster". 

He started using his hands more, grabbing on to link chains and waving his hands towards objects to brush his hand by them (esp his elephant on the changing table). Tummy time and time on his monkey activity mat is so enjoyable because we discover something new and exciting everyday it seems like. He loves to kick his legs and push off of you or kick a noisy ball or rattle.

He's discovered he can hold on to both sides of his bouncy seat
that if he kicks his legs really hard and fast, the seat bounces wildly!
If you pull the sting and make the music-be forewarned because when the music stops, he fusses for it again and again. but after 15min of the rattles in his face, he's had enough and will fuss until you take it off of his bouncy seat :)

He loves his swing and bouncy seat-
where before he couldn't stand the motion much less the lights and music

He easily turns to his side now to sleep and play with toys

The biggest change we have seen in him this month was right after he hit 12wks he started sleeping through the night!!! Hallelujah!! Like 8-10 hrs! One night he was waking up twice, three times and the next he decided to just keep sleeping!!! At the same time it seems he discovered he can roll on his side and pivot himself in a circle in his bed. It looks so uncomfortable how he sleeps with one arm dangling across his body and head arched back, but that's how he likes it :)

Everyday is a new adventure with this little one! He is ready to discover just a little bit more about the world around him and we are having so much fun introducing him to it!

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  1. We appreciate being allowed into your baby and your family life. AND it is great to hear to growing progress. Thank You!!