Friday, December 3, 2010

Half way to 1 Yr- 6 months Now

My 6 month old boy
The best part of this pic is if you enlarge it, you can see drool falling off his lower lip hanging all the way to his belly button :)
Man, am I falling more in love with this kid everyday! He has so much personality already and I feel like I get to know him a little bit more each day! 
He has changed DRASTICALLY since last month! Everyday brings something new!
Even since Monday for example, he couldn't sit up unattended, he would face plant on the carpet, but today he can sit and move and doesn't need to have us 'spotting' him.
There's nothing cuter than a baby sitting and playing! He's so big already!
He luvs his cereal and eating like a big boy with a spoon in his high chair! I was starting to get worried that he would never like it but all of a sudden one day he caught on!
He loves to help 

He is soooo animated now and getting better at expressing himself to us!

We gave him his Christmas present has this thing spoiled him! It's taken him awhile to catch on to it...but he just started yesterday to bounce and jump and pick up his legs wildly :) At first when we put him in it he would fall back and his legs would come up off the ground and swing his arms for support and hardly hold himself up. This has helped with his strength and balance so much! He doesn't want to be put on the floor on his back or tummy any more batting at swinging toys like babies do...oh no...he only wants to be sitting up playing, grabbing, reaching, pulling and exploring how this and that works. He now uses both hands to hold an object and will reach out for it if you offer it to him. Everything still gets put straight in his mouth to see if its ok or not.

He still loves to go for walks and watch whats going on in the world around us
The best thing right now is nap/sleepy time. He lets us know with a little squeak when he gets tired and then will only fall asleep laying on our chest. He loves to feel Eli's beard and play with it and snuggle real close. 


  1. Gosh I can't believe your little man is 6 months old already! He is too precious! What a little blessing! :)

  2. Your little blessing is such a doll. We love watching him grow!